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Manuscript Submission

Authors are invited to submit full papers in standard IEEE double-column format as in

Detailed guidelines for paper submission through EasyChair

  1. When your paper is formatted according to the instructions given above and then you can submit it for review, you can upload it using EasyChair. All papers must be converted to PDF format (which is the only acceptable format) before uploading. Please note that the paper name has to be short but a meaningful name depicting the title of the paper. Do not include author name and affiliation in the paper.

  2. Log on to EasyChair using the link

    Enter your EasyChair user id and password. If this is your first time using EasyChair, you will need to set up an account. You can do so by clicking the “sign up for an account” link and submitting the necessary details.

  3. Once you log into EasyChair, click on the “New Submission” tab.

  4. Fill in the submission form starting from the authors list. Enter the details of all the authors. Ensure that one of the authors is selected as the “corresponding author” by selecting the appropriate box given below the address. Then enter the paper “Title”, “Abstract” and at least 3 “keywords”

  5. Choose the appropriate topic, which is most relevant to your paper. Please note that your paper may not be reviewed properly if appropriate track is not selected

  6. Now locate the paper in your computer by using the “Upload paper” section of the page.

  7. Once again read all the information that you have entered and if everything is correct, you can click the “Submit paper” button. Click only once and wait. It will take some time to get your paper uploaded. Once the paper is successfully uploaded, your browser will display a confirmation page stating that your submission has been saved. It also displays all the important information that you have entered in the previous page. Also you will receive an electronic confirmation by e-mail. Do not reply to this e-mail as it is system generated.

  8. Notice that you can always submit Newer Versions of your manuscript till the paper submission deadline. To do so, log into your account as stated above, and click the tab given next to the “new submission” tab (it may display “Paper1”). You will get a page showing details of the paper that you have submitted. Use the links given at the right side of the page to modify the contents staring from “update information” to “Submit a new version”. Once you upload the new version of the paper, the previous one will be automatically deleted and you will get a confirmation page and e-mail as in the case of your first submission.

  9. If you are submitting multiple papers, you only need to use one web account. Please use the same account (User name & Password) for any additional submissions.

  10. If you need to edit any author information or resubmit your paper, it may be done up until the submission deadline. Please use the unique web account you used during initial submission, to edit or resubmit.

  11. Email submissions will NOT be accepted.

  12. Direct your queries if any regarding the paper submission or any other matter to